Business VoIP Tips Resources

Business VoIP phone service offers clever entreprenuers greatly reduced cost and powerful features. And unlike phone company provided on-premise PBX systems of the past, cloud-hosted business VoIP and toll free numbers are hosted off-site on a pay-as-you-go basis. This protects start-up money and enables telecom costs to be expensed monthly.

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Cloud Phone System Driving Distributed Workforce

Cloud phone systems are driving the growth of distributed workforce by remoting current employees, and enabling all-virtual startup companies.

Cloud phone systems are VoIP-based digital phone systems that include cloud PBX service and a host of powerful features.
They let people sitting all around the world work together as one team, as if all were seated in the same room. These tools are driving the growth of all-virtual startups and the “remoting” of workers in existing companies.
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VoIP Providers Get Access to Wireless Numbers

VoIP providers have gained trial access to wireless numbers by way of a recent FCC ruling. VoIP provider customers will get new features and lower costs.

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VoIP Technology for Dummies – Resources

VoIP technology is now so important that you better take 10 minutes to get the overview that makes you conversant at the office. Here’s that overview.
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