VoIP Technology for Dummies – Resources

VoIP technology is now so important that you better take 10 minutes to get the overview that makes you conversant at the office. Here’s that overview.
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Cloud Hosted Interactive Voice Response Systems Make Money

Cloud-hosted interactive voice response systems make money for small to mid-sized businesses that want to grow. IVR systems that are hosted in the cloud are not only affordable and easy to set up, but they also offer predictable monthly costs that are easy to budget.

With a cloud-hosted IVR system, your business can have calls routed to the right person without need for an operator or receptionist. If you are a small business, you can appear to have as many departments today as you intend to have after your business grows. For example, you can set up menu selections that go to “sales”, “marketing”, and “accounts receivable” that all go to your individual phone.

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