VoIP Technology for Dummies – Resources

VoIP technology is now so important that you better take 10 minutes to get the overview that makes you conversant at the office. Here’s that overview.
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Resporg Resources – Move Your Toll Free Number

Posted by Bruce Brownlee

Whether you are a startup business or a marketer managing online campaigns, you’ll need to manage your toll free numbers with Resporg.

Resporg is a telecom industry acronym for “Responsible Organization”. It points to the business entity that currently manages your toll free number, whether it’s universal international freephone number, an international toll free number (ITFS), a DID number used for an overseas city where you do business, or a US and Canadian toll free number.
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IP PBX Vendor Selection Checklist

By Bruce Brownlee

AVOXI has published IP PBX – Checklist for Selecting the Best Vendor.

Whether you have a mid-sized business or a four-person startup agency, an IP PBX provides you a scalable and affordable solution for your communications. Because the IP PBX is hosted in the cloud, there is no actual equipment or telecoms closet at your facility. And if you’re working out of your basement or a rented office space with little room, that’s a good thing.

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How to Use International Toll Free Numbers

By Bruce Brownlee

International toll free numbers let you increase international sales, support overseas customers, support new proposals, and integrate your communications.

Increase Sales with International Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers have become quite affordable, and that’s a benefit, but the real benefit you’ll enjoy is being able to let customers across the border or on another continent call you and buy your service or products. Imagine your consulting agency supporting customers in London, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, Canberra, San Jose, or Johannesburg.

If your company has a web site, you’re international. No matter what your industry, from one-person marketing agency to a 1,000 person manufacturing plant, prospective customers everywhere can find you and contact you. Adding a toll free international number makes it possible for customers to perceive you as a local vendor.

If you are submitting a proposal to compete for business in another country, having a toll free number for sales and service to offer in your proposal is a powerful addition to your proposal.

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VoIP Phones – Which Kind Does Your New Agency Need?

By Bruce Brownlee

VoIP phones – you think they might be the right way to go for your startup agency or professional practice. But what kinds are there, and which do you need?

What’s are VoIP Phones?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that sends your voice over the digital network, rather than through the public switched telephone network (PSTN). By using internet protocol data packets to transfer voice, fax, and other data over the shared network, toll charges can be eliminated. This can make VoIP calls cheaper than calls made over PSTN.

VoIP phones are like ordinary telephone handset, except that it digitizes the acoustic signals received from your mouthpiece, and sends the digitized voice content as packets on your network.

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VoIP Providers – Three Factors Select the Best

By Bruce Brownlee

Need a VoIP provider to help you set up your new call center? Three factors tell you all you need to know.

  • Features – The capabilities offered by the VoIP provider, most especially the ones that will work best with your lead generation campaigns or outbound contact center operations. Call forwarding, time of day routing, and call recording are basics, but there are many more.
  • Scalability – With IP-based hosted PBX systems offered by the best VoIP providers, you get a very flexible solution that scales from 1 extension to 1,000 extensions very quickly.
  • 24×7 Support – There’s nothing scarier than having your phone system go down, or having all your outbound calls fail in the middle of the selling day. What to do? If you have only an email address or message board to use, you’ll be sorry. Getting 24×7 support from a live human is sometimes the most vital element.

Integrate VoIP Telephony Into Your Campaigns

By Bruce Brownlee

VoIP telephony has replaced landlines and your local PBX (private branch exchange) as the key telecommunications infrastructure you need to start your business.

Just a few years ago, to set up a successful business, you needed:

  • A flat rate business line (1FB) or
  • An on-site PBX and telephones for each of your staff members, and
  • A quarter page (or larger) Yellow Pages listing

In some cases, customers could also purchase a Centrex service in place of an on-premises PBX, but, in either case, there was a significant amount of time and effort required to program the PBX or Centrex and to maintain the equipment on-site (for the local PBX). This meant that it could take as long as a few weeks to take delivery and setup a PBX for your business.

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Apple Magic Mouse – Smoothing Sharp Edges

Can a YouTube Video and Emery Paper Save Your Magic Mouse

Your Apple Magic Mouse has sharp edges that dig into your fingers by end of day. Can a YouTube video and some emery paper fix your mouse? Yes! The good news is that you can save your Magic Mouse. Here’s the story.

Apple Magic Mouse – Sharp Edges a Pain

The Apple Magic Mouse is several ounces heavier than other mice you’ve used, but it’s a great mouse that offers a trackpad integrated into the area where you’d expect a scroll wheel. The mouse has a good feel, is precise, and is overall a good alternative to some of the better Logitech mice we also use. However, Apple chose to leave a relatively sharp edge around the outer perimeter of the top of the mouse. After only a day of normal use, you’ll find painful creases in your thumb and your middle or right ring finger, depending on how you grip the mouse.

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