Snap Links Plus Firefox Plugin Speeds Link Building

Snap Links Plus, a handy Firefox plugin, speeds link building by selecting and scraping selected links from Serps with a simple drag and shade tool.

White hat link building is partly driven by traditional development of link-worthy content and information that is valuable to prospective visitors. Of course, the other part of link building is sharing that content with others and making it possible for visitors to find it. So it’s up to the SEO to find places on the web, and elsewhere, to leave pointers to that content for appreciative visitors who’d like to see it.

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Link Building Season Opens Today

Link building.  We’re on a new initiative for a customer website that lost a lot of referrers on purpose.

By “on purpose”, I mean that we never accidentally lost links.  Instead, we ruthlessly prioritized our time and attention, focusing on other parts of the digital program and other properties.  Over the course of almost a year, and across the roll-out of a new site, we lost a lot of links. This speaks to the lack of maintenance and content building on the old site, and the eventual bit decay of old referrers pointing to the site.
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Concealed Keywords to Bring Back Classic SEO Methods

Google’s apparent plan to conceal all keywords from Google Analytics users will drive publishers to dust-off classic SEO methods, including those Google disdains.

Google appears to be moving to secure all searches by organic searchers. In a recent article Post-PRISM, Google Confirms Quietly Moving To Make All Searches Secure, Except For Ad Clicks, Danny Sullivan outlines additional new evidence that seems to show that Google will be concealing all keywords from Google Analytics, so that SEO’s will see only the dreaded “(not published)” in the list of keywords that drive customers to each page in a site. The implications are quite astounding really, and represent a possible power consolidation by Google, at the expense of publishers and their SEO teams.
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SEO and Inbound Marketing Articles – 2013-04-24

Great SEO posts found today will help you tune your campaigns and use a special channel for content marketing you might not have considered.

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New SEOMoz Web Mentions Tool Provides Realistic Traffic Data

A new web mentions tool from SEOMoz, still in beta, appears to provide web mentions data that accurately matches keyword-based traffic your site will receive.
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SEO Formulas Abuse Excel When You Don’t Have a MySQL Keyword Database

By Bruce Brownlee

Formulas let you abuse Excel as a substitute for the MySQL keyword database that you didn’t yet spend three weekends building.
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Atlanta Staffing Agency – Getting Peak to Rank

Professional services firm face a problem with “alternative keywords” in getting search traffic on the web. Customers refer to the services provided with alternative keywords and many newbie SEO firms don’t dive into the market deep enough to find the alternatives.

Today our team is working with Peak Resource Group in Alpharetta, Georgia to help them with organic search traffic.  Peak has two sets of customers, companies who need help hiring, and individuals looking for employment.

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Marketing on a Nickname or Phonetic Spelling for Your Brand

EZ Care for EasyCare Example

What if customers search for EZ Care Warranty when the product is really named “EasyCare Vehicle Service Contract”?

What happens for organic search visitors who search for your brand name using a nickname or phonetic spelling? How can you not only

  • Avoid losing traffic for searches that don’t match your name exactly?
  • How can you gain additional relevant traffic by using your “nickname”?

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