Staffing and Recruiting Companies Rebounding

Staffing and Recruiting companies are rebounding faster than the national economy. They have skills to deliver talented candidates in support of depleted corporate HR departments.

Growing Your Business – Staffing and Recruiting

Digital marketing is an effective part of your program to grow your business, but there’s some other important things to do, like hiring key staff members. Whether you are a small company (you and a friend in someone’s basement) or a large company with an actual HR person, it might be a good decision to outsource your technical staffing and recruiting to experienced professionals.

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Best Cloud Services for Startups

Great startups need great cloud services. Cloud services are quick to ramp up and are great for a team with remote team members. Cloud services scale up instantly, and have a predictable and affordable monthly cost. With no equipment on site, a startup can use smaller facilities and move to bigger facilities quickly. All great benefits. So let’s look at the top cloud services startups should try.
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Yahoo Collects Employees Back to Office – What it Really Means

Marissa Ann Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is recalling key employees back to the Yahoo offices. It’s the right thing to do to save Yahoo.

If Yahoo! staff offsite were mostly part of a distributed typing pool, the criticism we see might be valid. But there’s a lot more to it!
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VoIP Call Center Solutions Scale Your Business

VoIP call center solutions or VoIP PBX services can help you expand your business in ways you haven’t considered. Even if you have a tiny business that relies on a few part-timers working from home, cloud-based telephony can help you organize your current team to respond to new business opportunities as if you had a 300-person staff in one location.

VoIP Call Center Solutions

VoIP call center solutions are rapidly becoming a best-practices solution for call center operators. This is true not just because of the modest initial outlays required they are easier on the pocket, but also because these solutions are

  • reliable and secure (hosted in the cloud),
  • scalable (adding more phones is just a software setting), and
  • customizable (everything has an easy setting – no programming).

VoIP PBX – Your Cloud-Based PBX

Even if all you need is a very nice PBX with features like call forwarding, remote pickup, and an IVR, a cloud-based PBX offers an excellent solution for your agency or small business.

An IP PBX can provide separate phone lines for each of your local and remote people, and also provide a call forwarding plan you control to make sure that calls are not missed, but instead forward to the a second or third recipient depending on who is available and the time of day. Companies like VoIP solution provider AVOXI have excellent cloud-based PBX services that require no PBX hardware or installation at your site, and that let you get up and running with your own toll-free numbers in just a few days.