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Using Cloud Services to Support Rapid Growth for Your Business

A new guide shows steps needed to grow your business rapidly. This includes using cloud services for better marketing and delegating work more effectively.

Today we published a guest post for our friends at with a step by step guide for rapid business growth in the new year. The guide is focused on entrepreneurs who still have an end to end view of their startup enterprises and who are seeking to gain rapid business growth.

The new guide, Guide for Dramatic Business Growth in the New Year, covers three broad areas:

  • Marketing More Effectively
  • Improving Service Delivery
  • Protecting Your Physical and Financial Health

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The New Little Ice Age: Worldwide Food Shortages and Starvation Coming?

A pronounced drop in solar activity, unlike anything seen in our lifetime, could lead to a New Little Ice Age with food shortages and starvation

For 500 years, from 1350 AD to about 1850 AD, a pronounced drop in solar output from the Sun, led to the freezing temperatures, the advance of glaciers, and food shortages around the world. During this period, Norse colonies in Greenland vanished, summers were no longer warm in Europe, and there was a significant population loss in countries ranging from 10% to 30% due to harsh conditions and lack of food.
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