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Business VoIP Tips Resources

Business VoIP phone service offers clever entreprenuers greatly reduced cost and powerful features. And unlike phone company provided on-premise PBX systems of the past, cloud-hosted business VoIP and toll free numbers are hosted off-site on a pay-as-you-go basis. This protects start-up money and enables telecom costs to be expensed monthly.

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Snap Links Plus Firefox Plugin Speeds Link Building

Snap Links Plus, a handy Firefox plugin, speeds link building by selecting and scraping selected links from Serps with a simple drag and shade tool.

White hat link building is partly driven by traditional development of link-worthy content and information that is valuable to prospective visitors. Of course, the other part of link building is sharing that content with others and making it possible for visitors to find it. So it’s up to the SEO to find places on the web, and elsewhere, to leave pointers to that content for appreciative visitors who’d like to see it.

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Staffing and Recruiting Companies Rebounding

Staffing and Recruiting companies are rebounding faster than the national economy. They have skills to deliver talented candidates in support of depleted corporate HR departments.

Growing Your Business – Staffing and Recruiting

Digital marketing is an effective part of your program to grow your business, but there’s some other important things to do, like hiring key staff members. Whether you are a small company (you and a friend in someone’s basement) or a large company with an actual HR person, it might be a good decision to outsource your technical staffing and recruiting to experienced professionals.

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Link Building Season Opens Today

Link building.  We’re on a new initiative for a customer website that lost a lot of referrers on purpose.

By “on purpose”, I mean that we never accidentally lost links.  Instead, we ruthlessly prioritized our time and attention, focusing on other parts of the digital program and other properties.  Over the course of almost a year, and across the roll-out of a new site, we lost a lot of links. This speaks to the lack of maintenance and content building on the old site, and the eventual bit decay of old referrers pointing to the site.
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