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Call Center Queues – Potential Selling Engines

Your call center queues can be selling engines for your business if you manage them to share marketing information and to get referrals.

How your call queue works and what information it shares determine whether it’s a lengthy bore that turns off customers, or a selling engine for your business.
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Yahoo Collects Employees Back to Office – What it Really Means

Marissa Ann Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is recalling key employees back to the Yahoo offices. It’s the right thing to do to save Yahoo.

If Yahoo! staff offsite were mostly part of a distributed typing pool, the criticism we see might be valid. But there’s a lot more to it!
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New SEOMoz Web Mentions Tool Provides Realistic Traffic Data

A new web mentions tool from SEOMoz, still in beta, appears to provide web mentions data that accurately matches keyword-based traffic your site will receive.
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VoIP Technology for Dummies – Resources

VoIP technology is now so important that you better take 10 minutes to get the overview that makes you conversant at the office. Here’s that overview.
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Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Effectiveness

So you’re committed to content marketing and using social media engagement to promote your content marketing. Which channels and media work best?
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Going with VoIP – Getting Your Business VoIP Phone Service

VoIP is the obvious phone system choice for your business – low cost, infinitely scalable, great support for mobile and scattered workers, and international ready.
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