Using Cloud Services to Support Rapid Growth for Your Business

A new guide shows steps needed to grow your business rapidly. This includes using cloud services for better marketing and delegating work more effectively.

Today we published a guest post for our friends at with a step by step guide for rapid business growth in the new year. The guide is focused on entrepreneurs who still have an end to end view of their startup enterprises and who are seeking to gain rapid business growth.

The new guide, Guide for Dramatic Business Growth in the New Year, covers three broad areas:

  • Marketing More Effectively
  • Improving Service Delivery
  • Protecting Your Physical and Financial Health

Cloud services tools help with marketing and sales

Cloud services tools help with marketing, sales, web analytics, task assignments and delegation, and help with content sharing within your team

Cloud services play a big role in providing tools that help with improving marketing by segmenting and analyzing traffic to your site and managing lead tracking, as examples. Cloud-based tools can also help with rapid growth by letting you assign work to other distributed team members, track tasks, and share information on-line. Marketers make extensive of social media tools and CRM tools discussed in the guide.

See the original blog post with the complete guide at Guide for Dramatic Business Growth in the New Year

The guide also references a list of top cloud services we curate at Best Cloud Services for Startups.

We recommend reliable, affordable VoIP telephony and cloud PBX services such as

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