Link Building Season Opens Today

Link building.  We’re on a new initiative for a customer website that lost a lot of referrers on purpose.

By “on purpose”, I mean that we never accidentally lost links.  Instead, we ruthlessly prioritized our time and attention, focusing on other parts of the digital program and other properties.  Over the course of almost a year, and across the roll-out of a new site, we lost a lot of links. This speaks to the lack of maintenance and content building on the old site, and the eventual bit decay of old referrers pointing to the site.

We’ve done step 1, identifying our real business objectives for the campaign. “Don’t spend money without a business objective in sight.”

On step 2 we’re reviewing our avaialble content and link-worthy resources.

For step 3, we’ve lined up 10 of the many hundreds of link building tactics that we think are most appropriate to the situation and our budget. These range from link recovery for links we used to have, a lot of broken link building, to traditional methods like high value link building with advanced queries and data driven methods like just-discoveed and co-citation link building.

We’ll report here how it went, and which of the 10 techniques worked best. Maybe we’ll learn something interesting you can use.

If you’d like to keep score, fire up Majestic SEO and check out how many backlinks you find for

This may be the shortest blog post in history, but we’ve succeeded in reducing the BS factor to a minimum.

About Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee is a data scientist for AVOXI and founder of Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce works with Google Cloud Platform tools and machine learning APIs, as well as R and Python for analysis, modeling, and product development. He has led establishment of SEO, PPC, web analytics, and web development practices for AVOXI and Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce studied mathematical optimization, probability and statistics, and electrical engineering in college and worked as an engineer and software developer before starting web development and site tuning in 1997.

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