First Call Resolution for Improved Customer Retention

Your customer support group can take steps to improve first call resolution. Good results can dramatically increase sales through customer retention.

This week we published a detailed article, First Call Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, and the Cloud Call Center that explains, in detail, how first call resolution in your sales and support call center, drives future sales.

First Call Resolution Leads to Customer Satisfaction adn Customer Retention.

First Call Resolution Leads to Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention

From First Call Resolution to Customer Satisfaction

The detailed article offers insights about how first call resolution (FCR) impacts customer satisfaction (CSAT). Through examples and simple math, the article demonstrates the impact on customer satisfaction, and ultimately customer retention. The critical evidence is the common sense observation that people are happy when they get what they want. Customers calling for support or service are pleased to get a resolution on their first call. Customer satisfaction drops off dramatically when no resolution is provided on the first call, making first call resolution the single greatest driver of customer satisfaction.

Customer Retention and Future Sales

Satisfied customers are much more likely to continue on as customers, boosting recurring revenue. Better still, existing happy customers are much more likely to provide positive referrals. The positive referrals convert to increases in the numbers of new customers and sales revenues.

With this logic, and a lot more supporting detail, our article First Call Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, and the Cloud Call Center shows you a means, that you control, to increasing sales revenue.

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