Best Cloud Services for Startups

Great startups need great cloud services. Cloud services are quick to ramp up and are great for a team with remote team members. Cloud services scale up instantly, and have a predictable and affordable monthly cost. With no equipment on site, a startup can use smaller facilities and move to bigger facilities quickly. All great benefits. So let’s look at the top cloud services startups should try.

About Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee is a data scientist for AVOXI and founder of Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce works with Google Cloud Platform tools and machine learning APIs, as well as R and Python for analysis, modeling, and product development. He has led establishment of SEO, PPC, web analytics, and web development practices for AVOXI and Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce studied mathematical optimization, probability and statistics, and electrical engineering in college and worked as an engineer and software developer before starting web development and site tuning in 1997.

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