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Cloud Hosted Interactive Voice Response Systems Make Money

Cloud-hosted interactive voice response systems make money for small to mid-sized businesses that want to grow. IVR systems that are hosted in the cloud are not only affordable and easy to set up, but they also offer predictable monthly costs that are easy to budget.

With a cloud-hosted IVR system, your business can have calls routed to the right person without need for an operator or receptionist. If you are a small business, you can appear to have as many departments today as you intend to have after your business grows. For example, you can set up menu selections that go to “sales”, “marketing”, and “accounts receivable” that all go to your individual phone.

For more benefits, examples, and some useful references, visit Interactive Voice Response – Taking a Closer Look

VoIP Call Center Solutions Scale Your Business

VoIP call center solutions or VoIP PBX services can help you expand your business in ways you haven’t considered. Even if you have a tiny business that relies on a few part-timers working from home, cloud-based telephony can help you organize your current team to respond to new business opportunities as if you had a 300-person staff in one location.

VoIP Call Center Solutions

VoIP call center solutions are rapidly becoming a best-practices solution for call center operators. This is true not just because of the modest initial outlays required they are easier on the pocket, but also because these solutions are

  • reliable and secure (hosted in the cloud),
  • scalable (adding more phones is just a software setting), and
  • customizable (everything has an easy setting – no programming).

VoIP PBX – Your Cloud-Based PBX

Even if all you need is a very nice PBX with features like call forwarding, remote pickup, and an IVR, a cloud-based PBX offers an excellent solution for your agency or small business.

An IP PBX can provide separate phone lines for each of your local and remote people, and also provide a call forwarding plan you control to make sure that calls are not missed, but instead forward to the a second or third recipient depending on who is available and the time of day. Companies like VoIP solution provider AVOXI have excellent cloud-based PBX services that require no PBX hardware or installation at your site, and that let you get up and running with your own toll-free numbers in just a few days.

MyList Drawing Delivers Christmas Swag

12_days_of_christmas_giveaway has a big “12 Days of Christmas” promotion. But insiders say a scheduling snafu in the ad buy has resulted in very few signups. The campaign promotion did not get coverage, so the daily prize drawing (gift certificates and consumer goods) has a lot of prizes to share with a relatively small number of MyList signup users.

MyList Facebook App

MyList Facebook App – like Pinterest

MyList is a Facebook app similar to Pinterest or Houzz. You view a variety of interesting consumer goods, fitness and outdoors products, power tools, computer gear and cell phones, and sports gear. There are also housewares, high-tech kitchen equipment, and similar gear on display. Members build their own list of favorites and share with Facebook friends. A lot of the stuff is pretty cool, slanted toward the 24-45 age range.

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International Toll Free Forwarding

International toll free forwarding lets you open a branch office anywhere in the world and take orders from overseas customers, all for pennies a day.

Toll free forwarding is the perfect tool for expanding your market coverage into new regions. Toll free forwarding can bring many new customers to your business. This is true whether your business is a professional practice that offers consulting services or offer products.

No matter what your business does, there are customers you have not yet engaged. You could reach new customers by phone today with an inexpensive international toll free forwarding number. Adding a toll free forwarding number that customers in other regions can use to inquire about your products and services, can be an important uplift for your marketing program.

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