Virtual Call Center for Growing Business

By Bruce Brownlee

Virtual Call Center Solutions Improve Marketing

Virtual call center solutions can help you grow your business by serving your existing customers efficiently and enrolling new customers easily, at low cost per customer acquired. Having an efficient and full-featured call center ensures that existing customers are served quickly, getting you more referrals and upgrades from satisfied customers. The scaleable and reliable cloud call center features ensure that prospective customers are impressed with the response to their inquiries, making it more appealing for them to enroll or buy.

So after you built and tuned up your website, and after your PPC and email campaigns have launched, it’s time to secure a modern, full-featured, virtual call center to engage with both new and future customers.

The AVOXI virtual call center solution is an example of a full-featured, secure, reliable, cloud call center. The AVOXI Smart Queue virtual call center is a VoIP-based solution that doesn’t require any on-premise equipment installation or massive up front investment. It’s a hosted, cloud-based service that can be turned up in a day or two in most cases.

The features offered include geographic and time of day routing, a full-featured hosted-PBX with call forwarding and many other features like remote pickup, real-time quality monitoring, and call recording. All this is provided for a modest monthly fee that makes budgeting for your virtual call center a snap.

With a cloud service, scalability is supreme. You can add support for more agents in minutes so that your hosted virtual call center scales up just as fast as your business. Skills based routing features let you steer calls to the most appropriate department or agent. For example, for the startup trucking company that has an electronics moving group and a trade-show group, trade show calls can be directed to the trade show group manager.

Because the service is quick to set up and easy on the budget, it’s an ideal complement to SEO, PPC, link building, and email campaigns that generate both submit form signups and 800 number calls. In other words, you can generate as many call-in leads as you want, but converting a lead to a customer works best if you’re always ready for the call.

About Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee is a data scientist for AVOXI and founder of Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce works with Google Cloud Platform tools and machine learning APIs, as well as R and Python for analysis, modeling, and product development. He has led establishment of SEO, PPC, web analytics, and web development practices for AVOXI and Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce studied mathematical optimization, probability and statistics, and electrical engineering in college and worked as an engineer and software developer before starting web development and site tuning in 1997.

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