Cloud Call Center – Why Buy When You Can Rent?

By Bruce Brownlee

Marketers and business owners can have a full-featured cloud call center without having to spend a fortune or learning how to configure a call center IVR.

If you and your marketing agency, like Bruce Brownlee Company, are doing a great job generating leads with organic search, PPC, and social media engagement, where are those leads going? Are the phone calls coming in being routed quickly to the right person in your organization? Are you using different phone numbers to segment your campaigns so you can figure ROI on each campaign?

Setting up your own call center might seem out of reach. Especially if you are thinking of yesterday’s call centers. A monster IT department, network weenies, expensive equipment racked up in a large back room, and complicated electronic signs and flashing lights everywhere. Surely that must cost a million dollars up front and tens of thousands a month to keep running.

Fortunately, today’s call centers have radically changed.

Smaller, faster, automated, more geographically distributed, scalable, and affordable, with built-in monitoring and quality control. What made all is this possible? Ripping out the ancient on-site PBX and supporting hardware and phone system, and replacing the whole thing with a cloud-based PBX with IVR auto attendant features, and then replacing wired phones with modern VoIP phones.

How the Cloud Call Center Changes the Game

With a hosted PBX located somewhere on the cloud, operated by your VoIP service provider, you are left with only a network interface that lives in your network closet, and some VoIP phones or soft phones to distribute to your agents. And if you want to let your sales people or reservations takers at home, your cloud call center can be easily configured to redirect incoming calls to your agents at their home offices. It’s as easy as using your microwave to defrost pizza.

You can take and forward calls with an IP-based cloud pbx that provides you call forwarding, call recording and retrieval, and all the extensions you need.

But if you want a real call center, you can deploy a full-featured cloud call center, with automatic call distribution, call queues, time of day routing, call monitoring, and all the features you’d expect in a modern, powerful call center solution.

For example, if you use an experienced VoIP service provider like AVOXI, you’ll pay only an affordable monthly service fee. AVOXI takes care of moving your existing phone numbers, manages security and maintenance, and helps you set up your automated call distribution and time of day routing. This leaves no equipment on your site, and lets you use agents who work from home or even from out-of-state.

Because cloud call centers are completely scalable, you can start with only a few staff members or independent contractors answering phone calls. If your call volume ramps up because of successful campaigns (your hope!), you can nearly instantly add new agents to your cloud call center. You can just as quickly turn off extensions when your call volume drops or your seasonal demand passes.

To summarize, if you are an entrepreneur or a start-up business with a modest budget, or if you have an existing call center but would like to get rid of the expense of on site equipment and stop paying for space for agents who have to sit near your PBX, the modern cloud call center hosted by a VoIP service provider like AVOXI is your solution.

About Bruce Brownlee

Bruce Brownlee is a data scientist for AVOXI and founder of Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce works with Google Cloud Platform tools and machine learning APIs, as well as R and Python for analysis, modeling, and product development. He has led establishment of SEO, PPC, web analytics, and web development practices for AVOXI and Bruce Brownlee Company. Bruce studied mathematical optimization, probability and statistics, and electrical engineering in college and worked as an engineer and software developer before starting web development and site tuning in 1997.

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