MyList Drawing Delivers Christmas Swag

12_days_of_christmas_giveaway has a big “12 Days of Christmas” promotion. But insiders say a scheduling snafu in the ad buy has resulted in very few signups. The campaign promotion did not get coverage, so the daily prize drawing (gift certificates and consumer goods) has a lot of prizes to share with a relatively small number of MyList signup users.

MyList Facebook App

MyList Facebook App – like Pinterest

MyList is a Facebook app similar to Pinterest or Houzz. You view a variety of interesting consumer goods, fitness and outdoors products, power tools, computer gear and cell phones, and sports gear. There are also housewares, high-tech kitchen equipment, and similar gear on display. Members build their own list of favorites and share with Facebook friends. A lot of the stuff is pretty cool, slanted toward the 24-45 age range.

So when it’s time to run your next viral campaign, especially one with promotional prizes, double-check your ad scheduling and your creative schedule to make sure that you have all your campaign elements in place before your scheduled prize drawings take place!

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